Practise the language of music (Italian) with me tonight at 10 PM CET in the Earth Room 1

    Ciao a tutti!

You’re welcome to practise the language of music and gastronomy (Italian) with me tonight at 10 PM CET in the Earth Room 1! Come and share your experience about Italy and the Italian language: maybe someone likes Italian opera? Maybe others have travelled to Italy and want to share their impressions with me? Maybe someone likes Italian cuisine or is interested in Italian dialects (or regional languages as they’re called in Italy)?
Every topic and level is accepted. No matter if you’re a native speaker or not, come and practise!
A presto,

Olga, I’d love to be in touch with you since I’m a musician too! Loved your opening ceremony version of “Wilkommen” from Cabaret! I’ve been to Bulgaria many years ago and loved it, such a fascinating mix of cultures and history, the crossroads of many civilizations. My website is We should find a time to speak Italian together in the chat sometime, perhaps after the conference!