Polyglot Gathering

Does anyone know if we are supposed to get an email or something to invite us to the Polyglot Gathering? I signed up but I don’t know exactly what is happening or how we access it. Thanks

I just got an email about the program two days ago but that’s all. I assume they will send out more later during the day. But good question. Maybe someone knows more about it.

They just sent it to our emails.

Thanks Aniko. I received the email but it didn’t include any Zoom links or anything. It just sent a link to a spreadsheet which said when everything was, but it didn’t give any information on how to get to these “practice rooms” as they are being called. Do you know where to find that? Thanks

You should got an email today with a link to the live environment and a password. I had to make a new pass because that they sent me didn’t let me in, but after that I could log in to the page. And there you can find everything.

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