Polyglot Conference Global 2023

We will be opening the doors again this year between 4-8 October for the official programme for Polyglot Conference Global. We are excited to welcome you back to the event!

You can now get tickets for this year’s event. Right now they give you access to the 2022’s Live Environment but you will then also get access to this year’s Live Environment as soon as it’s ready to go live. Make sure you have your tickets to be ready to join in soon! https://PolyglotConferenceGlobal2023.eventbrite.com

You can apply to speak or organise something at the Polyglot Conference Global 2023 now:

Please ask any questions you may have here and we will do our best to answer them.


The 2022 Live Environment will close on 18th September and we will get the new environment ready to start registrations for the 2023 Live Environment on 19th September. This will allow time to figure out any bugs in the system and make sure everyone is in OK. Reach out to the email address for the conference, if you have any issues and if you want to tweak or add to the language exchanges that are on-going or planned for the next event.

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Hi - are there legacy “regular” language practice slots left in the system from previous years? (I went to two today at the advertised times and rooms and nobody was there at either one).

Is there a way to flag this up / a way to check whether previously arranged indefinite regular weekly sessions are still running?

all the best to all of you working on organising this!

Thank you for letting me know this. Which ones were they?

Have you checked in on the forum for people who write about the regular sessions?

Really appreciate the feedback!

All the best,


Hi Richard,

they were Regular French Practice Session with Miguel Ariza at the Moon Cafe at 8pm
and Regular Spanish Practice with Suzana at the Venus Room at 9pm

(Those are the times displayed to me, which I assume match my timezone here in the UK, which is the timezone the Forum has me in)

I looked for the hosts in the Forum - there is a Miguel A who looks like he is the right person, and an Astari F - but neither of them have been seen on the Forum since 2022

Might be worth noting that there is also another regular 4pm French with Miguel Ariza scheduled every Sunday, as well as two regular French practice sessions with Ariza every Sunday at 5pm and 6pm, all in the Venus Room - I couldn’t pop into any of those, but the number of them did make me wonder if all were still active, and what a session host would do if they were no longer able to run a session they had put is as regular …

Another detail that you might like to know is that the Join Now link on Eventbrite is currently set to https://www.global.polyglotconference.com/, which is throwing a “DNS can’t find this” error for me - and when I tried to let you know this through the contact link on Eventbrite that also threw some kind of error.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and/or potential extra work!!

Thanks for letting me know about this. They have been running for years now, so probably a good opportunity to clear things out a bit and just keep the active ones in there. I have popped a message in the Telegram group for the event this year. Let’s see what we can figure out before Wednesday.

Naturally any new groups are welcome for the conference. Just pop the details in the form in The Live Environment Programme.

Hi Mark, I received the DNS error as well, when clicking on the Eventbrite Join Now link. As a workaround I was able to just browse to https://2023.polyglotconference.com/

Regarding the French Sessions, where did you see that? I checked all through the programme, and have not been able to locate any French related sessions…? Thanks, Paul

Hi Richard, Apologies but I am a bit confused as to the schedule and start time. I received your email that the Conference is ‘Starting Now’ at 1850 (6:50 PM) US Eastern Time, which is 1:00 AM Budapest time. If the programme is showing the sessions in my local time, then the first session (Kirsten Ulbrich) does not start until 4:00 AM, 3 hours past the ‘starting now’ time. Also, opening session shows at 11:00 AM EST for me. Is this correct?? Thanks!

I guess it was set on Eventbrite for midnight GMT+0. The programme must be set to your timezone because I see the first talk in 8 hours at 9am (GMT+1) and the opening ceremony in 15 hours’ time at 4pm (GMT+1).

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Hello, I’ve managed to create my login for the event and clicked on the confirmation link in the subsequent email but then when I try to login in it says my account needs to be approved by the administrator, but it’s the same email/account I use for here - has anyone else had this? (It’s my first time attending the conference so a little unsure) thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello! It is my first time too and it is the same for me:( Has anything changed for you so far?

Hi Paul,

after some further chat with Richard it appeared that these were all indefinite regular weekly sessions set up a year or more ago, organised by people who haven’t been active in the forum since 2022 - so they have been removed for now as they didn’t seem to still be active.

If you want to suggest a time for French practice over these next few days you can propose it through the programme page - I am sure some of us will be happy to join you there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Has the opening ceremony been recorded at 5pm?
Will it be made available in Saturn Theater?

Hi Richard, I’m just waiting on approval for the live environment. I applied yesterday. Please approve me asap.

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Could you email me about this. The forum is a public environment and not the most appropriate to troubleshoot individual issues.


Hello from California. It is still a problem today. Friday, October 6, 2023 2 pm in California

Could you send a message to our email address? This is a public forum and not the best way to help with any difficulties you might be encountering. Happy to help you!