Polyglot community as motivational key for high school language students

I would like to know some of your thoughts here. First, most of you know already that regular schools are not very effective concerning teaching languages. But many people succeed to learn how to speak fluently in other languages in real life. So some suggestions come to mind to be discussed:

  • video chat between polyglots and school classes
  • video chat between different language methods creators and students
  • materials prepared by polyglots (PowerPoint, texts, Youtube videos, audio files, etc) for school learners
  • organize availability of volunteer people around the world to video chat with students learning new language
  • give those infos to school teachers: seminars, online forum, video chat, etc
  • language specialists sharing knowloedge with school managers
  • language self-learners sharing their experience with schools

What are your opinions? Any other suggestions? Real projects like that has been done?


Hi Denis,

As a college student in the UK, I couldn’t agree more that the way languages are taught in school doesn’t do them justice. It’s thanks to the polyglot community existing that I’ve been able to really connect with language.

As a person interested in languages, all of these sound so interesting to me. However in order to spark a love for languages in young people I think the best way would be through talks like you are mentioning but for kids, not teenagers. Because I think the issue in my country at least is that languages aren’t a priority in teaching, you don’t really have to learn them until you are 11 here, and then you can drop them at 14. So I think it needs to be dedicated to a young audience, in hope of encouraging kids to learn languages.


Hi Denis,

This is a great initiative . I believe language video chats will be great. If you need help, I would be keen to volunteer as I believe Language is an important key to inclusion.


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