Persian Speaking Room | فارسی زبانان

سلام! می خواهین فارسی صحبت کنین؟
Hello! Would you like to speak Persian?

EDIT: I will be in the Indo-Iranian room at the time below, happy to wait for anyone :blush:

Sydney - 5PM
Tehran - 9:30AM
New York - 2AM
Los Angeles - 11PM (Sun)
Johannesburg - 8AM


Not only was I asleep, but I saw this days too late. Will you be there again any time soon? (He asks before scurrying off to bed) من باید فارسی صحبت کرد.

Let me check what days I have free coming up and what times/rooms are available.
I’ll be sure to @ you when I’ve locked something in.

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I’ve booked another chat!
All language and confidence levels welcome.
My speaking is atrocious, so let’s make some mistakes and have a laugh! :sweat_smile:

UTC Fri, 23 Oct 22:00
AEDT Sat, 24th 09:00


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I can come today to speak to you in Farsi :smiley: Tehran ; 4 - 7 PM

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@senorsmile – You should see if you can drop by!

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man AnjA hastam!
I should be able to make it.


Hi Everyone,

It looks like our time has changed.
The Programme now shows the room is booked for:

UTC Sat, 24th 20:00
London Sat, 24th 21:00
Sydney Sun, 25th 07:00 :sweat_smile:
Denver Sat, 24th 14:00
Shiraz Sat, 24th 23:30


Ahh! I was running late from work any way, so hopefully I can make it on time since it’ll be a saturday for me.


وای، عالی بود. خیلی ممنون. :heart_eyes:

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We definitely need to do this again. Maybe more regularly!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve booked a recurring weekly Persian chat in the Venus room, starting next week.

It’s set for 8pm GMT (London Time).
No obligation to come, but would love to see you there if and when you can make it!

I was thinking for our first one, we could talk about what value we each would like out of the chat and if we would like to keep the conversations fluid or about a particular theme?

You’ve got some time to think about your preferences. Again, everyone is welcome - at all levels of practice and confidence. Just don’t forget to bring your smile and a sense of humour.

هفته بعدی می بینمتون :blush:


Maybe some of our other friends may want to join in and give us some pointers? :wink: I’m thinking of @Dela @Mahya ? :relieved: Arezoo perhaps ?


Is the Persian session today at 8pm GMT in the Venus room still going to take place? I would like to pop by after the Thai session because I’ve just started learning Persian 2 days ago :grinning:


Salaam Jinyoung! I think it is and hope to see you there.

Taa ba’ad!


Persian session is right after Thai so I’ll stay a lil longer to see if there is Persian today :grinning:



The Persian time has changed, and I have booked for 2 hours to give us some flexibility with our availability.

Tehran 1:30PM
Sydney 9PM

If this time is not suitable for your location, we can look at booking a second session :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Candace! It is so much more convenient for us living in Asia. I will brush up my Persian and try to join in the chat instead of passive listening the next time :grinning:


Hi everyone! Today’s chat is still on but sadly, I can’t attend.
Can’t wait to catch up with you all next week, though!!

!!خوش بگذره

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Salaam salaam!

I am in the Venus room now for the Farsi/Persian session and will hang around in there until about 12 noon (GMT). Just on my own at the moment, but thought of posting this message here, just in case, as there seemed to have been a few Venus room sign-in problems earlier this week, i.e. some people logged in to the room fine, yet others did too but could not see anyone else, even though they were there.

Ta ba’ad!