Persian(Farsi) Language

Hi guys! Hope your fine :slight_smile:
I am going to set a time for my event (actually introduce Iran and Persian/Farsi language).
What day do you think is ok?
And what information would you like to know about this topic?


This sounds interesting!

How to speak Farsi would be a decent topic, according to me!

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@Zahra.s I think it would be very interesting and helpful to hear about some online resources and maybe also about some online dictionaries etc. Or even if there are some YouTube channels that are teaching Persian.

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My name is Sam. I began learning two dialects of Persian this year. I am strongly interested in the Persian language, culture, music, and etymology. If you wish, I could chime in on my experience as a learner.

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This is very long topic. But I share different ways to learn Persian with you :slight_smile:


For sure I introduce some YouTube channels & Podcasts and other things :slight_smile:

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Hello Sam.
How good it is that you are learning Persian :slight_smile:
I am very happy to hear your experiences in the meeting.

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When is your meeting? Did it already pass?

Hi. I am also learning Persian and am very much interested in your presentation. You mentioned it during Ellie’s lesson today, but you didn’t say when exactly it is going to be. Could you please tell me when? I can’t find it on the schedule. Thanks in advance.


Not yet. You can find it on schedule now :slight_smile:

Hello Vahagn!
It’s very amazing that you are learning Persian :slight_smile:
Now you can find it on the schedule
See you soon😉

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I’ll be there (but a few minutes late, because my work may not end on time). Looking forward to it.
خیلی ممنون

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I’ve just listened to some Persian on YouTube (I didn’t know anything about it before, only that they write with the Arabic script) and it kind of sounds like Kurdish (even though I also don’t speak Kurdish, but it sounds like it). Am I wrong or are there some similarities between Persian and Kurdish?

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I won’t be able to make it today, but if it’s recorded I could maybe watch it later.


We’re hosting a Persian session on Zoom this Wednesday at 7.30 pm GMT as part of the Glasgow Language Festival. All levels welcome!

There are various online language sessions happening throughout the festival.

Various times (see programme)

Sign up required:

See the whole festival programme here:


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