PC games and language learning

If you are a gamer or you just love PC games, I am inviting you so that this evening (for some of you, afternoon) can have a wonderful discussion… Let’s find out how PC games can be useful, especially when it comes to the language learning.
PC games

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Great idea but it’s a bit late for me. Will it be recorded?

probably yes, I am not sure about it.

Wow, sorry I missed this!
Do you have any summary or outline that you could share from the talk? I’m curious what ideas were brought up.
I’m assuming this is about computer games in general? Or is it about PC games in specific? (Or just online?) It is about exposure to language content? Or is it about the interaction with other online players?

It is about everything: PC games in general, online games, online learning through PC games, …
It’s such a pity you missed it. However, it is recorded…so as soon as it goes to the YOutube, you’ll be able to watch it.