Opportunities with uTalk

Hi, my name is Brian and I am a linguist at uTalk, one of the sponsors for the Polyglot Conference. You’ve probably seen myself or my colleagues during the Quizes at the end of every month :slight_smile:

I’d just like to mention that in support of the Polyglot Community, uTalk is very interested in working with polyglots especially if you have a YouTube channel, or an Instagram or Twitter presence or a website dedicated to language learning and teaching languages. This could also apply if you own a language school or language-learning institution.

We have an affiliate programme that enables our partners to earn by promoting our language learning app (if you haven’t tried the uTalk app please check it out at www.utalk.com !). For language schools and other learning institutions, we can provide students access to our app at special rates.

If you’d like to know more, please send me a message! I’m very open to discussions!

Thank you and with best regards,
Brian Loo Soon Hua

PS: I will likely be in the Venus Room today (Friday 9th April) from 11am (London time) to 12pm and also tomorrow from 5pm onwards.