NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Hello everyone,

I didn’t find a more appropriate thread for topics related to language-related jobs and careers so let me leave it here. I noticed that most people in the polyglot community have careers in teaching, translation and interpreting. I had always been interested in technologies and innovation, got my B.Sc. in Data Processing Systems and M.Sc. in Social Studies with an accent on Population Studies and Statistics. My Artificial Intelligence research lab in France located in INSA Strasbourg had projects related to NLP.

Recently, I met the Hatebase developers and exchanged some ideas about multilingual database management, input and filtering issues. It’s one of those areas where polyglots might have an edge over native speakers due to their experience in communication with native speakers and the impartiality that comes with it. For instance, adding new entries to the hate speech database requires participation of both native and non-native speakers who see the etymology and the usage of particular ambiguous words and expressions from different perspectives.

My questions are: if any of you guys had some experience in IT and NLP in particular, how did your polyglottery help you at work, how did you join the industry and which areas do you find the most demanding in terms of linguistic over technical skills?