Matías Barmat

Hello. I’m Matías Barmat. Sports journalist specialized in basketball, committed Hyperpolyglot, passionate with languages and communication. I love to bring cultures together and to feel the best feedback as possible.
I speak 12 languages from A2+. I’m Director of Recruitment for HYPIA (Hyperpolyglot International Association), an NGO committed to spread multilingualism in a non-political and non-partisan framework.
My languages:
Spanish (native)
English and Catalan (C1)
Italian and Portuguese (B2)
French, Basque, Galician and Romanian (B1)
Greek, Turkish and Hebrew (A2)
German and Dutch (A1-A2)
Several others (A1).
I’m glad to be part of this edition of Polyglot Conference Global and I hope someday to know all of you personally.
Best regards


That sound great!! I am trying to learn Basque, any ideas?

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This link with different free, open-source resources will help you. It’s a page fully dedicated to the Basque language.

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Welcome Matías, great to hear about your work with an interesting polyglot organization!
Go Kyle Lowry, hehe!

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Oh, thank you! I wish to contact you in private. I want to send you more information about (and of course, how to join us!)

For info, there is an issue with your link :confused:

Because we recently have changed the link structure.