Low-Intermediate French Chat

There will be a low-Intermediate French conversation group in Earth 2 @ 20:00 UTC today (in 5 mins :slight_smile: )



Hi Cate,

I have marked down your sessions. Unfortunately it starts at 5 AM on my time (Hong Kong). Will try to come up tomorrow morning.


Would love to join in but sadly it would be 3 am where Iā€™m at :slight_smile: a session for low-intermediate speaker is a indeed a good idea.

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:frowning: sorry we missed you, Astari. The time differences make it so tricky, hey? Hopefully next time I will be available at a number of different times, and we can make sure that something is available for everyone! This time I was still studying and working, so I was really limited in my availability.

Hope you are well!

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