Looking for postcard pals

Hey everyone,

I write a lot of postcards and am looking to write to people to practice different languages. I suggest making a group. Anyone interested?

I’d like to write in Polish, Romanian, Spanish, French, Czech, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic or Latin. Open to other languages too.

Let me know :blush:

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Finally someone with postcards! :joy:

I like postcards too and I’d like to exchange in different languages too. My languages are Turkish, English, Spanish and Armenian (Western dialect).

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Hi Esther,
What a good idea.
I’m interested. The languages I would like to practice are Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Hungarian and Arabic but I am happy to received postcards in all your languages!

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Let’s connect over facebook? I’ll make a group chat.

Hi Esther,

that’s a great idea! Can I still join you? I’d like to write/receive postcards in French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian … If anybody would like to practice their German or English, I’d be happy to receive postcards in German as well as German’s my mother tongue and I speak English fluently :slight_smile: