Live Environment Not Working

Hi! I purchased a ticket on Eventbrite and registered on October 15th but I still can’t access the Live Environment. When will it start to work? Thanks

Hi Amanda, my colleague Melanie McVeety and I are both registered but when we try to get into the LIVE Environment using the URL you posted above, we get a LOGIN page.
We tried using both our email addresses and our user names but got error messages that we have attached.
Here is one of mine

When I input my email, it states that it is not working and suggests to use my ‘username’
When I input my username it does not work and suggests that I must put in the @ symbol for my email.
and Melanie’s gets the same error messages as I did.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. I’d suggest emailing the administrators at

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Thanks for this suggestion Amanda. I have emailed the concerns to the email address you provided.

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That’s EXACTLY what happens to me!!!

Never mind- I messaged Richard on Eventbrite and he sent me an email with the correct link to register for the live environment, and now I’m in!