Limited to 4 languages on your mobile phone?

Hey, Just wondering if it is only me. Does anyone have a solution to this nonsense?

My Samsung phone tells me that I can only have 4 keyboard languages at a time. I really dislike this limitation. How do you choose? Ok, so it’s not Sophie’s Choice, but it sure did take me some contemplation before determining which languages to limit myself to.


I don’t think it restricts you to the number of keyboard languages, because I have 9 language keyboards on my Samsung phone

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@Jinyoung I have 7 languages installed, but while texting I can only switch between 4 main ones.
Under “Manage Input Languages” it says “Maximum number of supported languages (4) reached”

My husband has the same situation even though we have different Samsung phones.

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I use SwiftKey which allows you to use 5 language keyboards at a time, still not enough at times tho

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Switch to GBoard! I have 27 different keyboards installed, even from languages I don’t speak yet… And I speak 12 languages.

First deactivate SwiftKey and activate GBoard.
System -> Language and Entry -> Virtual Keyboard -> Manage Keyboards -> Gboard.

Second, for adding new language to GBoard:
System -> Language and Entry -> Virtual Keyboard -> Gboard -> Languages.
Choose the desired languages and keyboards. (You have to repeat the process for every language you add).

After you have the desired keyboards installed, you have a mapamundi on the left side of your spacebar. Hold the mapamundi and you’ll see a choice list. Choose your language et voilà!


This is so amazing! I am in love with GBoard! Thank you so much for the recommendation!

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Dankjewel @Heather !

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Yes! Gboard is the best nowadays, but it could be more comfortable… well at least you don’t have that annoying limitation.

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Exacto, lo bueno es que tenés la posibilidad de cargar N idiomas y más de un tipo de teclado por idioma.