Let's choose the theme of my organ improvisation together!

   Hi guys!

I would like to kindly ask you for your help and active participation!
Tomorrow during my concert (see my previous post), I would like to perform two organ improvisations. One of them will be in baroque style and the theme has already been chosen. However, it would be good if you could help me by choosing the melody (or the theme) of my second improvisation.
I want to propose you three very famous melodies that have one thing in common: they are available in a wide range of languages. Here are the options with the appropriate YouTube links:

  1. The Alphabet song:
  2. Frère Jacques:
  3. O, Du lieber Augustin:
    Please reply to this post and tell me which of the melodies you want me to improvise over. Please do this until tomorrow, October 24th, 2 PM CET!! Then, I will count the replies and decide which melody will win! It’s up to you, guys!
    I would be grateful for your active participation!!
    Good luck,

I would say: do a medley of all three (I don’t know how long your improvisations will be: half an hour each? If so, that would suffice for a great medley.) - I think this can be very nice as I think all melodies are great and deserve equal attention if the time permits it.

Side question: do you have a real organ or will you use the keyboard from the opening ceremony with organ sounds?