Learning Languages by Virtual Immersion - Introducing An Innovative New Software Platform

Hello Everyone!

Are any of you interested in learning about a revolutionary and innovative new platform for language learning? This advanced language learning platform leverages digital technologies and artificial intelligence to create a virtual immersive environment where, assisted by digital tools, a person can accelerate language learning through exposure to compelling and comprehensible video content in the target language. The digital platform enables a user to import this content from online sources (such as Youtube) and provides automated digital language tools which turn this material into “comprehensible input” which can be used as the basis of a compelling, engaging and effective language learning experience.

If you are interested in knowing more about this new platform, please reach out to me. I am available to answer questions and to provide a live demo.

I also have a full-length presentation on this topic which is available in the Presentations section of the conference (Saturn Theater). Look for the presentation entitled “The Digital Transformation of Language Learning”.


This sounds interesting, will definitely have a look at your presentation :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your interest! I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear feedback.

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Hi Piero! @pcolagrosso

Your presentation was one of the first ones I watched. Very interesting! I have always been interested in “automating” the mundane parts of language learning - especially when it comes to creating own study materials when not many are available (I even started a thread on that in this forum…).

I am learning Tagalog now and the lack of suitable materials sometimes just makes me cry :sweat_smile: , so I resort to collecting whatever I come across and try to build my own library of language learning content. I program(ed) a bit myself, so I tried to build up some scripts to deal with processing of audio files (parsing, concatenating, building playlists that serve my learning goals - whether that’s immersion, extensive or intensive listening, or shadowing…). And naturally I looked into YouTube for content. There was some, BUT… only about 10% or less comes with faithful Tagalog subtitles :sob: I even wrote to some of the channel owners to ask if they have scripts they could share for language learning purposes, but that was a dead end too…

And then there was your presentation! It looks (from whatever screenshots I have seen) exactly like the program I dreamed of. I would imagine it can handle audio-only files as well, so the learner could use own relevant content. Brilliant! And the promise of AI learning to transcribe pretty much any language is just amazing. Finally I can create my own subtitles for hours of video and audio content I have accumulated… :star_struck:

Can’t wait to see more progress, but if there is anything I can do to help / get involved (even if it’s just testing), I’d like to raise my hand :raised_back_of_hand:

Hope to hear more from you on this topic!


I have a Tagalog verbs list, if you want.

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Hello Sergei. Thanks so much for your feedback. Actually, LBI is the program that I always dreamed also and which didn’t exist. This is what actually gave me the motivation to build this platform, and I am happy that I will soon be able to make it available to other people.

Please send me an e-mail at pcolagrosso@lbi-app.com so that I can add your e-mail to our distribution list to notify people on the availability of the final beta version and subsequently of the GA (general availability version).

In the meantime, if you would like to see more regarding LBI, you can check out demonstration videos. They are screencasts of actual live demos using the LBI platform.

You can also check out the LBI web site:

We also have a Facebook group that you can join and where we will be posting information updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/languagesbyimmersion.

Thanks and Best Regards,


Hello Piero, I finally got around to watch your presentation and this looks awesome. I would really love to also beta test this, if you still need beta testers :wink:

Hi Rina. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we definitely welcome more beta testers prior to the commercial release. I will be posting information on our Facebook group about the availability of the final beta release when it becomes available in Q1 2021.

Please join our facebook group for announcements and to sign up for the final beta test.

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