Language Learning Coaching

Hi guys, I just finished my coaching certification. I wanna practice my skills. I just want to know if anyone interested for a free language learning coaching session, please let me know.


Hey Dhinny, I’d gladly have you practice your coaching skills with me. Sorry, it took me so long to send an answer.

nice, let’s wait until the end of this week to see if someone else interested so we can make group coaching and set up the schedule together. if no one else come, I would be glad to set up the schedule with you :blush:

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If you’re still looking for a volunteer, I’d like to participate. Thanks!


Why not me too if I’m not too late ^^


hi @EliseMS @Guillaume happy to hear your interest. what time GMT suitable for you both? is sunday 13.00-14.30 GMT works for you both?

In general, yes, but regarding this very weekend, I’m not sure yet, my schedule is likely to change. I should have a clearer view this thursday ^^’

sure @Guillaume, would like to hear from you after it is clear for you.
How about @EliseMS?
based on our conversation, @PinAngel will be available on next sunday 13.00 GMT. Hope to see you guys

Guys, Tiffany @PinAngel and I will meet for language learning coaching on next Sunday, April 4th 13.00 GMT for 60-90 min, depends on how the conversation going. if @Guillaume and @EliseMS available at that time, just jump to the link and come. but I prefer to start on time.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 811 7518 0601
Passcode: 934926

see you guys there!


I got confirmation that I should be free this sunday :wink:


that is great! see you then :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, see you after 90min @Guillaume @PinAngel @EliseMS

Guys, I open the zoom now

I really enjoy the session with @Guillaume and @PinAngel, wish to see @EliseMS in the future. Just drop me message or post here if you guys want similar session in the future for any topic. Thank you, I appreciate your coming :smiley:

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