Language Challenges

As we begin October, do you have particular monthly language challenges to recommend? Or feel free to talk about what characteristics make particular language challenges helpful, or not helpful.


italki language challenge is very useful.
You should give it a try.

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The iTalki challenge just started last weekend.
You can also create your own language challenges^^
I’m writing a diary entry everyday in a different language for the entire period of the polyglot conference. Having been doing this for the past few years and it’s really a good way to practise writing in your target languages :v:t2:


Thanks, @Jinyoung ! Congratulations on your dedication! Miriam and I also have a FB group, if you use that, which is a nice “space” in which you can post in the language(s) you like, and view and comment on others’ writing - Language Writing Fun!

Thanks Suzi! I wonder if the Italki challenge is principally set up (I’m being a bit cynical here) so Italki can boost their revenue - the more lessons you take, the higher you finish in the standings. I continue to enjoy Jonathan’s 30 Day Speaking Challenge, at the same time.

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