LangFest Topic Rooms - Talk about yourself!

You speak a minority language? You have a language-related job? You were raised in a multilingual family? Or do you know anything else that is interesting or uncommon and involves languages? Come and meet other participants to share your experience during
Polyglot Conference
Global during LangFest’s Topic Room sessions! Interested? Sign up here!

How do they work? During the first 5 or 10 minutes, you will briefly introduce your topic. During the rest of the 30-minute session, you will interact with and answer questions coming from the people participating. All sessions will be moderated by a member of the LangFest and/or Polyglot Conference Global team.

They will be organized at different times of the day throughout the week!

Example topics:

  • “Living through the Basque language today”
  • “My Esperanto-speaking family”
  • “My hyperpolyglot family”
  • “Meet job as an interpreter at the UN/EU/other international organization”
  • “My job as a machine translation specialist”
  • “Life in my (complex) multilingual country/city/region: X”
  • “Meet a field linguist”
  • “What does a linguist do?” or “Very short presentation of my language-related research”
  • Also accepted would be short presentations of the type: “Discover this place/language family/language”, but from a social/historical POV, not really as a language crash course (see below)

Unconventional, less often discussed topics would be encouraged. The goal is to interact socially and/or with the person of focus, but also ideally to learn something new.


hey Nicolas, I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but in the form it seems the only area I am able to type my response in erases your text. Is this where I should fill in the information?

Hi Daniel,

There was indeed an issue, which we fixed yesterday. I believe your responses are now in!

Let us know if there’s any other issues! Apologies for the inconvenience!

Looking forward to the event!

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Not a problem! Thanks for fixing it. Excited to be a part!

Signed up with my topic. FYI, I used a different email I just realized than the one I used for the forum.



Thanks! No problem about the email, as long as we can reach you! :slight_smile:

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Is there anywhere I can see how many people are planning to attend? Do people sign up for these or just pop in?

Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately, no. People indeed just access the Venus Room if they feel like participating. Based on the past few days, 20-30 people can be said to be fairly typical (but there’s room for more, so if you want to let people know about the Topic Room, please go ahead – we’d be happy to welcome more participants!).

Looking forward to hearing about your topic!

Last Topic Room!!
24-OCT-2020 – Montréal 15:30 / London 20:30 / Tokyo 04:30
Topic 1: Heather Koziol on raising bilingual children in a non-native language (session in French)
Topic 2: Olga Koeva - The Language Learning Strategy of a Blind Hyperpolyglot