Korean/Japanese (+ other languages?) exchange on 7th Nov

Hello. We have just decided to have a language exchange (planed mainly in Korean or Japanese) at 8:00PM KST/JST (11:00AM UTC) on Saturday in Earth Exchange - Zoloa World. We could also practise other languages depending on who comes. Please join us if you are interested :wink:

(Here we are talking about the one-time event on 7th November. If you are interested in a regular Korean/Japanese exchange, here is the link to the forum: Weekly Japanese 日本語 and Korean 한국어 Language Exchanges)


Yes! Japanese and Korean native speaker(s) will be there too! Looking forward to having a good time this Saturday.

P.S I will be a lil late because the night class that I am teaching ends at 7.30pm. @Takashi 日本語を話す練習をしないと!

Would this be a regular thing? If so, it can take place in the Venus Room in the future and it can be put in the Venus Room Google Doc schedule for meetings and activities.

@MultilingualBronxite Hi Miguel! Could you help us put it in the Google docs schedule? Korean and Japanese language exchange on Saturdays and Sundays, 11am - 1pm London time. Thank you!

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It’s done! :smiley:
You’re welcome, guys!

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Hi! I have just started learning Korean a month ago, can I join to listen to your conversations?

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You are most welcomed!

Hi Jinyoung, would love to attend the Korean! Do you mean it will be on Saturday for Korean and Sunday for Japanese or will it be a combined exchange for both days?

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That’s cool! How do I join? Should I wait for the link?

Hi @Astari2! It will be a combined exchange for both days starting next week! I’m thinking of 1 hour Japanese and 1 hour Korean for both days,

Korean : Sat (8pm - 9pm), Sun (9pm - 10pm)
Japanese : Sat (9pm - 10pm), Sun (8pm - 9 pm)

For this Saturday, it will be mainly Korean because most of those coming on this Sat evening wanted to practice Korean.

You can access the rooms via the Live Environment. For this Saturday, it will be held in Earth Exchange - Zaloa Room. Starting next week, it will be in The Venus Room every weekend (Sat, Sun) 8pm - 10pm (JST/KST)


這周六 (Earth Exchange - Zalao Room)

下周開始,每周六、日 (Venus Room)

^_^; 谢谢 现在我明白咯。


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我当然不介意,我很喜欢韩语,而且希望未来会有机会学习。现在因为我刚开始学习日语, 我不会努力去学习韩语但是你们聊天的时候我也可以练习我的韩语听力。

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@Takashi 沒事!不用每周參加!有時間然後想參加的時候來就好了~ 只是訂個時間方便大家,不一定是每個人每周都必須來 :joy:

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See you guys later in the evening 8pm KST/morning 11am GMT (for our European and American friends) at Zaloa Room for Korean exchange! 이따 봐요! :ok_man:t2: