Keeping a polyglot diary every day

It’s something I invented for myself many years ago. As I remember I did it for about a year and I stopped with it because of some life circumstances.

My idea is:

  1. Writing the diary by hand (because I love handwriting! ).
  2. I use an A4 book with lines called “Kladde” in German.
  3. For every day of the week I have 1 page of space.
  4. 7 days of the week = 7 languages.
  5. My example:

a. Monday: (My Norwegian course is on Monday): Writing in Norwegian
b. Tuesday: (My Italian meetings are on Mondays): Writing in Italian
c. Wednesday: Writing in English
d. Thursday: (My former Esperanto-meetings were on that day)
Writing in Esperanto
e. Friday: Writing in Dutch
f. Saturday: Writing in Spanish
g. Sunday: Writing in French

The rule is: Every week again the same languages on the same days.

Writing a diary always costs a dosis of discipline, but my own father did that for many years (writing it in German).


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This is such a great idea for practicing one’s languages. I don’t currently have a diary that I write in, but I do enjoy writing my languages by hand. I have a different notebook for each of the languages I am actively learning. The more I learn, the more robust my notebooks are. I use a different color pen for each language and then black for anything I write in English. The further I go, the less black that I use in my notes.

I enjoy writing by hand, it helps the information stick better.

Vielen Dank

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Hi Tiffany,

Thanks a lot for presenting your own experiences of writing in your foreign languages by hand. I would never ever type a diary! But for example blind people would have to type their diaries. I need to handwrite to make sure that for example new vocabulary sticks in my head.

Kind regards,


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