Karaoke - Cohost & FB Group Updates

Hello everyone!

I would like to share that we have decided to subscribe to the Karaoke platform (Watch2gether) in order for us to host more than 10 Karaoke participants at once.

This means that we are able now to have a non-expiring, fixed room - polyglot karaoke room - which we will be using weekly, moving forward.

You will need to access this room (hyperlinked above) every week (Friday @ 12pm EST and/or 8PM EST) if you want to sing Karaoke with us.

As a non-moderator:

  • you cannot use play-functions of the bigger video

  • you cannot edit/maneuver existing and past playlists

  • you cannot change color settings

  • you cannot admit/block users

  • you can post in the chat

  • you can edit your avatar name

  • you can enable your mic and cam

Please, feel free to pass this email on to anyone interested. :slight_smile:

Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for us and everyone else in the group!!

Have a great week!



How much is the subscription? Can I contribute if there’s a cost? I sure do enjoy the Karaoke, even if I can only attend for an hour a week.

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You are so sweet.:heart:

I am blown away by how much the Karaoke meetups mean to everyone! :heart:

The first 30 days of subscription are free. The free trial will end some time at the end of March.

Let’s see, first, how the subscription will go until then (whether or not it will positively contribute to our Karaoke experience). If all goes well, and if we determine the subscription necessary for future meetups, I can definitely update everyone.

For now, I want you and the others to simply enjoy our Karaokes together. But thank you so much for your kind offer - much appreciated!!


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@Dhinny here’s the thread with the link for Karaoke

oh, yeah. I didn’t see this. thank you @PinAngel and thank you @Zeina-AR-DE-FR-EN for being the greatest host ever

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Hello all lovely people!!

I need your help, saving the 12pm EST / European Karaoke.

I will be having new professional commitments, and I won’t be available to host the European Karaoke, starting March 26th. I will still be available to host the 8PM EST Karaoke though.

We have about a week to figure out who could possibly take over. :blush:

Any ideas? Love to hear from ya!

If I forgot to tag any others, please do.

@PinAngel @Jessy @Miri



I would love to help, but I literally only have an hour to attend, so if I hosted, it would be a very short session


Thank you @PinAngel!! That’s so sweet!!

Let’s see maybe someone else can take over after an hour? If not, we would need to offer a one-hour European Karaoke. And whoever is there after an hour, you can make them moderators so they can manage the room.

Let’s wait for other suggestions and discuss/finalize everything in Friday’s Karaoke :slight_smile:

Have a good day!!


If you want…I could try to host the sessions, and add me as you say a co-host, just in case.
I’m still free on Friday’s mornings, in case something comes to me, we have our co-host as a backup and viceversa.
But indeed I think it would be cool, if someone would like to partner with me in either case, so now we would have “2 hosts”, supporting each other in case something happens and still have “an other” to communicate with an make an upfront in cases like this.

Or if the other option works, someone else could host, and then switch when the other leaves.
With the people that come frequently I don’t think it would be an issue to “teach” them how to use the site (nevertheless they can pick it up easily), in that case I personally think everyone could also be the mod.

Hope that helps… :grimacing:


Omg you guys are amazing! Your support means the world to me and everyone else surely appreciates that as well!

@Carlos1 has been so kind, actively helping co-host the Karaokes whenever needed, but I want to make sure we have sufficient people who know how to maneuver the Karaoke room as @Jessy suggested.

I am thinking maybe we should consider making a Karaoke-host schedule, which lists our host volunteers per week. That way we don’t need to put only one person in charge all the time.

Let’s go over that on Friday. That way, we will all be present to contribute and share our ideas.

Many hugs :heart:


I just saw this now. I would, of course, be able to host/co-host as well. So, yeah, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


Thank you @Miri - you are too kind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello everyone!!

I can’t make it to the European Karaoke today :frowning:

BUT @Jessy was so wonderful to offer and take over the hosting.

I know I suggested we talked today about long-term host and co-host replacement and I apologize for not being able to be present today, but I will surely re-visit this subject next week with everyone. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will be hosting the evening Karaoke tonight so see ya all PM singers then!


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Hey lovely people!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would like to set some new expectations/suggestions for our Karaoke to have smoother future meetups.

Please, let me know if you have further suggestions - love love love to hear from ya!

  1. Karaoke will be cancelled 15 minutes after the original Karaoke time, if less than 3 people show up. I will announce any cancellations by email and here, on the Forum, in case any cancellations will occur. (Today’s PM Karaoke has been cancelled due to the absence of sufficient participants.)

  2. If you are not coming to Karaoke or if you are coming in late, a quick message or heads up would be really appreciated. :heart_eyes: That way, if less than 3 people show up after 15 minutes to the Karaoke, I will wait for the others. You can reach me by email, WhatsApp, or on the Forum, and I will notify the current host if it’s someone other than me.

  3. We will be meeting next week Friday the 26th, at 12:30pm EST to discuss future hosting/co-hosting plans for the European Karaoke. I will send a reminder next Thursday for us to talk about that before singing. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your attention :smiley:


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This is a kid reminder that:

@PinAngel @Miri @Jessy @Carlos1 @CHALO

Please, tag others that I might have forgotten to add myself. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hi everyone!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend so far.

Co-hosting Updates:

Few weeks ago, I mentioned on the Forum the need of having more co-hosts for our European Karaoke around noon because I have a busier schedule now. I heard back from many volunteers, who were interested in helping out, and I am very thankful for that!

:sparkling_heart: THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!! :sparkling_heart:

After Friday’s meeting, we decided the following:

  1. We will cut down on the noon/European Karaoke’s individual co-hosting time to avoid exhausting future co-hosts. The suggested time for the overall European Karaoke was 3 hours max (from 1PM EST - 4PM EST). This means each co-host will need to volunteer for 1.5 hours at a time.

  2. We will use this 👉 European Karaoke - Cohost Sign Up Sheet 👈 to help potential volunteers sign up for co-hosting. Only members of this Karaoke group will be able to access it. I kindly ask that you fill out the form asap for as many time slots you want and are available for. I will send a weekly reminder if I find slots need to be filled for any Fridays.

  3. Once the form has been filled, I will review the names and contact each co-host individually to meet me for a few minutes on Thursdays, at an agreed time in the Karaoke room. As the original creators of the room, I and @Carlos1 are the only ones who have owner/moderator access. You can’t be a co-host on Friday if we don’t enable that a day before. Co-host privileges will expire after 24 hours.

  4. If for any reason, any Friday will not be co-hosted by a sufficient number of volunteers, that Karaoke meetup would have to be unfortunately canceled.

  5. Please, always be mindful of the time-zones, both in your area and the sign-up sheet to make sure we don’t have any issues time-wise.

  6. Please, future co-hosts be also mindful of the general Karaoke expectations, such as the 15-minute delay and 3 people minimum participation. We don’t want you waiting all day for no-shows, wasting your precious volunteer time. :sparkling_heart:

Facebook Group Updates:

Per a discussion with Dhinny ( :sparkling_heart: Thank you beautiful Dhinny :sparkling_heart:), we decided to create a Facebook group for our Karaoke to attract more singers. I kindly ask that - if you haven’t yet - please, join our group on FB, under the name “World Music Virtual Karaoke.

Please, feel free to invite people you know to join us there, too. The more, the merrier!!!

Let me know if you have any questions, if the form doesn’t work, or if you have further suggestions.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



I put in my request to join the Facebook group. I’ll sign up for some volunteer times as soon as I get my schedule sorted. Getting back into the rhythm of school and things. Also, what time will the group meet after the time change(in Europe)? Are we still going on GMT?

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Hi @PinAngel!

The schedule should offer a fixed time to base time zone calculation on. Per the new time changes, on my end, the noon Karaoke begins at 12pm EDT. Maybe this could serve as a reference :slight_smile:


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Hey everyone: :wink:

I just wanted to share an idea that hit me during the shower; I love the dynamic of the Karaoke sessions, but I also would like to suggest to use the space (if you see it conviennent) for chatting/analysis of things that also can be in the best interest of everyone, perhaps you would like to talk about something in particular or make a topic day an go further into it…that can be from things we totally ignore to something well-know and common, your experiences…etc. You could use the video function that is available, a story, presentation or even a video reference could illustrate, so everyone can hear your opinions in any topic that you would like to discuss…(I needed to write this before it vanish from my head ;)) this came from a channel that I began to follow, that comments movies and the psychology behind the protagonists, maybe you follow better my idea if you check their channel, they get me strongly involved in the dialogue discussion:

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BTW, the Karaoke sessions are going on. We are in the European Karaoke right now. Feel free to join us.