John the noobie needs help

I am looking for any online language exchange scheduling for French, Spanish, Korean.

It’s my second time donating to Global, but first time participating. I am underwhelmed by the language selections I see on the website’s “programme” (I noted maybe only a half dozen languages or so), and so I am suspecting there is some “secret” schedule that is yet hidden from me. (I’ve participated in Polyglot Gathering three times now, and I suppose those experiences have greatly skewed my expectations compared to how it really works here.)

I just now created my login for this forum. I also just now (re)installed Telegram on my computer (saw a mention somewhere that it’s a good place to find info) but searching for phrases like Polyglot Conference does not bring up a channel to join yet for me.

I also just tried to join a random room (Venus) to perhaps rudely intrude in order to quickly ask for links/tips. I couldn’t log into the Zoom on first try.

I also sent an email inquiry by replying to the most recent email, but some minutes later I got an alert saying that the address does not receive mail (polyglot, not eventbrite).

Thanks for reading, and your help.

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Hi John,

Usually people propose language sessions on the programme page, but it looks like there aren’t many in there yet. I’ve just proposed one for Korean on Saturday morning (Australia time), but you can propose the sessions for the languages you would like the practice too! I’ll put another Korean session in for Sunday at a different time to accommodate different time zones.

Sometimes there are people in the Moon Cafe, but generally it takes somebody to hang around there before a group starts to form. If people keep joining, seeing there is nobody there and immediately leaving, then a group never forms.

Everybody else should create some more language sessions too!

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Hi Ewan! How have you been? Nice to see you here again!

I have proposed a Korean session on 8 October (Sunday) 10pm KST. It’s already on the programme list! Look forward to seeing y’all~

Great idea for the Sat morning session! I’ll join if I’m free


Good to see you too! I think a few more sessions will pop up over the next few days - otherwise I might put some more in myself.

Ewan, thank you! I very highly suspect you must be the same kind Ewan that I ran into on a few occasions at PG. If so, I just about always have you somewhere in the back of my mind when I read/answer 호주 in my various cloze exercise decks lol. (Ah, I believe I’ve confirmed country by clicking your name just before hitting the reply button haha.)

Jinyoung, thank you for having proposed the session, even if I won’t be able to join at that time.

Thank you both for the replies! I hope to see you all at some point during this event!

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Ah right, yes I’m sure we chatted in the Korean room before. Nice to see you again!

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Hey John

Just an FYI as to the situation with language chats. Polyglot Conference Online chats are ‘grassroots’ events … ie, we organise our own chats and email Richard with the dates and times, and he will put them on the program.

We often post them here too.

Of course, If you aren’t sure of your availability, it is perfectly acceptable to go to Earth or Moon, and ask people there if they speak your language and if you can have a chat, just whenever you are available. Languages in those rooms often default to English, but everyone wants to practice, so no one is upset if you ask to change the language.