Japanese meet-up next Saturday

Is anyone interested in having a Japanese meeting next Saturday?

I was thinking of 8pm Montreal which would be:
1am London
2am Paris
9am (Sunday) Hong Kong
10am (Sunday) Japan

I could also do it one hour earlier (which would be better for Europeans) but I’m thinking that if anyone in Japan wants to join, 9am could be a bit too early for them :slight_smile:

I think this schedule would be perfect for those in America who can’t join other meetings happening in the middle of the night :blush: I really enjoyed our talk in Japanese the last day of the festival (there were people from Brazil, Mexico, USA, etc :)) so I hope we can do it again and maybe even have this as a recurring event!


Hi, that might clash with the Karaoke booking for Saturday 1 - 2 am. Have a look at the schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vjlHKpGhSyAaiYsQ-QJQ-jGasg7dYVbiB79Ln9CPNnA/edit#gid=0

But wouldn’t the karaoke be 24 hours prior to the time I suggested? Because Saturday 8pm in Montreal would be Sunday 1am in London.

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Oh, in that case it would work. :slight_smile: Sorry, clocks and times still confuse me… even in one language. :smiley:


I’d be interested. Montreal is an hour ahead of me.

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That’s amazing!

Your level is way higher than mine, I hope I won’t slow down the conversation too much :relaxed: Otherwise, it will be a nice listening practice for me :wink:

See you later!

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