Italki practice

Hey! Are the italki practice sessions aimed at people who already have a decent grounding in the language? I’m keen to join the Japanese one but I only know a few phrases.


I was wondering the same thing.

Same I’d love to listen in if possible

This was the first time we tried something like this and just wanted to see what the reception would be like. From the sessions I’ve been to, they really are more of an Introduction to xxxxx than anything else. I’ve only started learning Japanese (about a year now) and the sessions I’ve been to have upper intermediate to absolute beginners. Most of the time the teachers know and will adjust for the level of each person so you can listen to the intermediate speakers in awe and still get some basic understanding because there are so many beginning students.

A lot of the sessions that are being led by italki Teachers are the African languages, ASL and minority languages and which there aren’t as many speakers of so we are getting beginning students just interested to learn more about the languages which is pretty cool. For example below is a Tibetan lesson and it was led by Adelaide who spent 13 years in a Tibetan Monestary. Even at the Polyglot Conference, probably not going to get a lot of polyglots chatting away in Tibetan but it was amazing to listen to her explain the language.

I try to go to most of these sesssions (that are in my time zone) and they have all been so informative.


Ah cool! Thanks for your reply, Jim! I guess I’ll try join a few then!

Do you guys if to abele to join an ITALKI lesson we need to register? or we just show up at the given time?

You just show up at the given time and in the correct room. I think you only needed to pre-register for the Esperanto courses.

Correct! All the italki lesson courses are group language practice rooms and open to anyone and everyone for all levels.

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Hello! How can I access the live environment?