Is there somebody who is playing a musical instrument?

Hi folks, I am just a beginner in playing piano, yet, I would be happy to meet veterans or should I say proficient musician in that area.

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Best of luck, piano is awesome :slight_smile: I’ve been playing for 15 years. Learning music is like learning a language haha!

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I learned to play the piano as a child, my grandmother taught me. However, I haven’t played in quite a while. It’s a shame as I was willed my grandmother’s piano, but my son also plays, so it’s in his home now. I can still read music and if needs be, play a tune here or there.

How lovely that your grandmothers piano is still in the family.

I used to play keyboard but at the moment it’s not one of my priorities. My daughter does have lessons.
I would love to have a piano but it just doesn’t fit in our living room (or anywhere in the house really :P)

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I took piano lessons as a child. I still own the piano, as well as a keyboard. I practise not enough, so I am not good at it.

I love playing the guitar and singing with it. I took singing lessons and love to sing solos, as well as in choirs.

Greetings from South Africa.


excuse me? I don’t understand what do you mean.
I didn’t withdrawn the post yet.

Yes, I play the flute

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Interesting, how long have been playing that instrument? Could you tell us your story?

I used to take flute, guitar and keyboard lessons as a child. I also play ocarina from time to time, but lately I haven’t played much at all and my skills are probably really rusty.


Thank you likewise, Greetings from Ukraine.

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I can play the guitar and the melodica soprano, but I don’t like to play all alone. In the past I had freinds to play togther with from time to time. Pratising on an instrument without taking lessons from a teacher I find boring.