Is Italy Friendly to English Speakers

Hi everyone,

I am planning a trip to Italy soon and I am curious about how friendly it is for English speakers. I have heard different things and would love to get some insights from those who have been there or live there. Here are some specific questions I have:

English in Different Regions:

How well is English spoken in big cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice? Is it easy to find people who speak English in these places?
What about smaller towns and countryside areas? Is it harder to get by without knowing Italian?
English Education:

How is English taught in Italian schools? Do younger Italians generally speak English well?
Are there noticeable differences in English proficiency between different age groups?
Tourism and Hospitality:

How accommodating are hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions for English speakers?
What common challenges might English-speaking tourists face, and how can they be addressed?
Experiences of Expats:

What has been the experience of English-speaking expats living in Italy? Is it hard to integrate without speaking Italian?
Are there English-speaking communities or networks that help expats?
Business and Work:

How commonly is English used in the business world? Can professionals get by without being fluent in Italian?
Are there specific industries where English is more prevalent?
Cultural Attitudes:

What is the general attitude of Italians towards English speakers? Are they welcoming and willing to help, or is there some reluctance to use English?
Are there any cultural tips or etiquette advice that English speakers should know to have a better experience?
I am following this
I’d really appreciate any advice or experiences you can share.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


Hi mrsmith,
in my mind You should not be afraid in any sense to render a visit to Italy. I am a German, have very often been to Italy and I speak Italian fluently. Nowadays You can count on a convenient standard of
proficiency in terms of English language skills inherent in the people wherever You travel throughout the old continent.At least for the most essential necessities, as they may arise. Nonetheless, if You want to cast a glance to get some insight into Italian culture , at least a small fraction of acquaintance of Italian verbal craftsmanship would serve You well. I think the majority of young Italians speak English fluently to a sufficient degree, the people of advanced age rather not, lest they are professionally engaged in trades bound to entertain multiple international contacts.
Well, just go and try Your luck. Buon divertimento in Italia, puoi godere moltissimo laggiu

How exciting that you’re planning a trip to Italy! :laughing: :laughing: