Interested in comments, ideas on my language-learning YouTube channel

Hi all,

I’ve been working on and off on a youtube channel for the past year or so, mostly focussing on Korean- and Japanese-related content just because that’s what the topic tends to be when I get an idea for it, and I’d be interested in what everyone thinks (including about the name, which I personally am not entirely sold on), what sort of content they might be interested in seeing, and any other thoughts. Here are my three most recent videos, one of which features the consequences of getting the Chroma Key settings totally backwards:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Tu acento en castellano es espectácular :slight_smile: me hace acordar mucho a un YouTuber chileno que sigo que se llama swaggron333

Jeje, es que yo me crié trilingüe, así que el castellano, el inglés y el alemán son iguales de nativos para mí.

Aahhh entiendo, eso explica mucho!

Hi, I’ve also made a youtube channel where I speak in portuguese, I’ll follow any youtube channel focus on language learning !!!

I like the content Elise.
However, I’m one of the worst with creativity, I suffered so much just to come up with my blog’s name :stuck_out_tongue:
Wish I could help…

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The only thing I had in mind when I gave the channel that name is that channels with ‘polyglots’ in the name seemed to be viewed kindly by the algorithm. I’d bin the name in a second if I could think of something I really liked for it. Perhaps it will come to me one day