I'm Nina, a PhD student who does research on language learning

My name is Nina and I’m a PhD student from Germany.

I’ve loved language learning since I was in high school and became really passionate about it in university (procrastination?). My native language is German and I speak English fluently (duh!). I think my Korean has also been getting pretty decent. I understand quite a bit on Swedish and speak some Japanese. This year I’m really interested in starting Turkish and Mandarin.

But I also wanted to bring my passion for languages into my PhD research - so I study how people learn languages self-directed and how they use online resources (like YouTube, or apps, or this conference even!). I want to learn about everyone’s experiences, motivations, tipps and tricks.

I’m also looking for people who might be willing to do a research interview with me - especially if you make videos about language learning online. You’re the experts - so if you’d be willing to help a starting researcher out, please contact me any time.

Thanks and I hope we have an amazing conference!


Welcome Nina,

I would be glad to be interviewed, but I am no professional language teacher or anything. If I can be of help, though, please consider me as a candidate for interviewing.
I hope you enjoy your time at the conference.

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Hi Nina, amazing hearing from you !!!
I am a self learner and part time linguist (lol) but my love and interest are genuine. My native language is Portuguese and I’ve started a youtube channel where I like to talk about my point of view and of others.
Let me know if you are interested in an interview :blush:

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Hi Nina!

I’m a language teacher from Belgium (I have a degree in language teaching and have been teaching Dutch and English for about 10 years, among which 3 years in school) and I’m a native French speaker. I also have a YouTube channel, Cameleondeslangues, although I haven’t published for some time. I also have an IG on which I used to post daily until my job took all my time. For the past … 5 years or so, I have been building a language website where I have created language learning material as well as some other tools for language learning in general :slight_smile:
And I’ve been a language enthusiast for the last 12-14 years :slight_smile:
I don’t consider myself as an expert, especially in a place like this one, but if I can help you out in any way, please do get in touch :slight_smile:

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Excellent work on the area of interest.

I am a self-learner of languages. Been trying all sorts of methods from online to offline for the past 12 to 15 years.

I speak fluent English, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, intermediate Japanese & Indonesian while a beginner in Korean and French.

Let me know how I can help.