I started learning German and Norwegian

I’m kinda confused cuz of sources such as bussu ,Duolingo , drop ,clozemaster and books such as teach yourself Norwegian or German , German colloquial, Norwegian colloquial
What do you recommend ? I feel like YouTube is better than these app and textbook
Any suggestions for plan and where to start and how to manage learning them
If you have started learning them and reach b2 ,could you help me out

Hi akram,

I assume that you are a native speaker of English. As I haven’t learned German as a foreign language, I cannot give you advice on resources.

Concerning Norwegian Bokmal I can testify that Duolingo’s Norwegian course is good, I especially liked the pronounciation of the female speaker.

Besides the websites you have mentioned, I can recommend you “LingQ”, the website of the founder Seve Kaufmann, it works with podcasts and transcripts. The material for German there is very abundant. My name on LingQ is “Fasulye” I was a co-producer of German podcasts there for intermediate level, not for beginners.

Kind regards,