Hungarian / Magyarul

Hi Polyglots, I am thinking of starting introduction session to Hungarian language on Venus room, anyone would be interested?


I love introduction sessions for languages. I would be interested in attending your presentation, but please don’t go to all that effort if I’m the only one.

Szia Chalo!

Yes, I would be interested, but unfortunately I will have to pass on it this time, as I am trying to balance my other languages and commitments at the moment. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


I would be interested in attending, as well.

I’m also interested in learning basic Hungarian. If it’s still happening, I’d like to join as well. Köszönom!

Hi, I’m interested in Hungarian too. Mind if I join in?

@Aniko @DJWaaleyBabu
Akkor találkozunk ma (szombat) londoni idő szerint délelőtt 10-kor a Venus Room-ban?

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Igen! A programban még mindig nem látom. De elvileg jönnek páran.


Hi Everyone!

For Wednesday’s regular Hungarian session, there’s 2 sessions happening, one where I will “supposedly” run in Earth Exchange 2. Go to Earth Exchange 4 instead where Aniko will wait for you. I only submitted a backup session in case Aniko’s request took too long to be posted. Sorry in advance for the confusion.


I couldn’t see that. Thank you for mentioning Miguel!

I saw that the Monday practice is in the program twice, too. But they are both in the same room in the same time.

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