How to join Polyglot Conference Global!

Huge thank you to those who took a positive and proactive approach to helping us with teething problems!

We have finally managed to work through glitches and simplify things for you now on the site.

Not yet signed up? Or having problems getting in? Follow these steps to join in the fun at Polyglot Conference Global. We’ve got a week together still and we’d love to see you with us too!

Go to:

  1. Click “Register” to get a ticket.

  2. You will receive an email to register for the forum and live environment.

  3. Once registered you can get to the live environment by clicking on “Live Environment”

  4. You can access the forum by clicking on “Forum” so you can chat in the message boards and send private messages to agree to meet up in the live environment too!

Remember to write us an email, if you have any difficulties. We are a small team of volunteers and we will do our best to help you as best we can!

You can check out the video to get a glimpse inside and see what is possible!