How to build confidence

Hi everyone,

I’m offering two coaching sessions tomorrow on how to be more confident when you use your target language. I’m a professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation. Coaching works by asking powerful questions, so I’ll be asking group participants questions about what confidence means to you, what it would be like to have more of it, what is holding you back etc. In this way, I hope you will gain and understanding of what you need to do to grow your confidence.

Session 1 is at 18:00 BST on Friday 23rd in Venus. That’s 10 am in LA, 13:00 Montréal 1pm NY, 19:00 Paris, 10:30pm India

Session 2 is at 02:00 BST on Saturday 24th in Mars 2. That’s Friday 23rd 6pm in LA, 9pm NY, 21:00 Montréal, 周六上午9:00点北京时间,Midday Saturday in Melbourne.


I shall hope to attend the second session. I am, unfortunately, working during the first.

I hope you can make it.

I had a wonderful time. I’m going to work on not being so critical of myself. Try and view my language skills through the lens of how I view those who speak English as a second, or third, language. This was an eye-opening idea. Thank you for the class.


My pleasure. So glad you found it useful.

I enjoyed the discussion, and wanted to hear more.
I get intimidated easily, and I could never speak up that much. It was nice sharing our experiences!