Hi, I'm Carlos from English Canada

I grew up in Toronto and Vancouver BC.
I am 32. I have been to 53 countries and not travelling anymore, shucks eh.

My top 3 favourite countries I have visited are: 1. Greece 2. Japan 3. Argentina

I usually visit the touristy spots in the first 3 hours after landing in a city. Then I focus the rest of the days on meeting local inhabitants and trying to copy them. Not because I need to, but because it brings me joy.

I learn languages through aspiring to be a foodie - I research everything about any food. I plan precise food tours. I need to find the original place where world dishes became famous. I love delicious tastes. Positive associations are good to make.

I also try out any religious traditions all the time. I think “religions” are good for learning language since in medieval times they were leveraged for official imperial policies. The result is many religious words appear in modern languages even after secularization.

My final goal is to be the best interpreter of all SIX UN LANGUAGES: en/zh/fr/es/ar/ru

Most of all I like take advantage of the internet to trade jokes with people living in all time zones on earth.


P.S. If you think my photo does not look like me, because in Zoom I have long hair: this photo was taken in early 2020 but I have not cut my hair since the coronavirus lockdown started.

Bienvenido Carlos! Welcome! Ongi etorri!
I’m glad to find another Hyperpolyglot to share languages and knowledge.
Te mando saludos desde uno de tus países favoritos: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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