Hi! I am Daijiro(Osaka, Japan)!

Hello. My name is Daijiro Furukawa, Japanese engineer for agriculture.
Unfortunately, I could not attend the Polyglot conference this year because I had to stay in hospital because of my health problems… but now I am fine.

I really would love to make friends who are motivated to learn languages!!!

I feel that language learning is one of the best solutions to improve self-acceptance.
This is why I would love to spread the way of learning languages.
So please please share your beautiful ways of language learning.

If you are interested in learning Japanese or English, just text me.
I also would love to learn any languages!!!(especially, German, Spanish and so on.)

Thank you for reading!!! Please reply !!!


εˆγ‚γΎγ—γ¦γ€γ γ„γ˜γ‚γ†γ•γ‚“οΌ


もし英θͺžγ¨γ‚Ήγƒšγ‚€γƒ³θͺžγ‚’η·΄ηΏ’γ—γŸγ‹γ£γŸγ‚‰γ€ζ˜―ιžι€£η΅‘γ—γ¦γγ γ•γ„γ­γ€‚