Hi Everyone (I'm looking for Language Practice Partners)!

Hi everyone, I’m a polyglot and big language enthusiast from London (with Indian, more specifically Punjabi, roots)!

This is my first time participating in the Polyglot Conference, but I may well already know quite a few people here as I’ve participated in the Polyglot Gathering several times.

If anybody wants to practise languages together, let me know (you should be able to see my list of languages in my profile, I think)!
I’d be happy to practise literally any language I can in general, though I can give more info on specific ones if anyone wants.

It’d be great to get a group of people to practise languages with, even before the Conference starts (though my times can be a bit variable as I work as a private tutor) - I know there’s a Google Sheet with a schedule for language exchanges taking place in the Venus Room but it seems that the meetings for many of the languages are no longer active/people are not really participating for that many of them.

I hope to meet everyone soon!


We met briefly in the German group on Thursday. I would love to practice my few languages. My timing is a bit difficult, due to living on the west coast of the US, but I am generally amenable to trying. I do better in the morning, for me, because I usually have school and work in the afternoons. Welcome to the Conference. I should have said that first.


Hey! Welcome to the conference. I’d be happy to have a meet up and practice some languages whenever you’re free. I have a pretty flexible schedule but I’m Korea so there will be a time difference to contend with.

Salut Dhananjay !

Je peux te proposer de pratiquer ces langues-ci :
Fr, It, Es, Pt, De, Zh
J’étudie maintenant aussi Jp et Fi
Un jour, j’espère ainsi commencer à étudier russe, grec et coréen. Hindi, roumain, napolitain, catalan et polonais sont aussi intéressants ! Cela dépend des occasions de pratique, quelle langue je vais commencer à apprendre.

A plus !

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Hey DJ,

I’m happy to practice Polish, German or French with you. I will put some Polish on the schedule during the conference soon.


Hi everyone,

I’m looking to practice Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian. I can help with Spanish, English and Italian.

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Hi. Do you have a whatsapp or any social media to practice? Here is mine @a.Albert.b instagram

Hi! you contact me on @joshetiu on Instagram

Thanks for the replies everyone, I don’t use Instagram much but my name there is deej.3005

You can find me on Facebook as Dhananjay Talwar and my WhatsApp is +447853236197 (I hope it won’t be dangerous to put all of this information here).

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hey, here mi instagram @a.albert.b