Hi everyone hallo zusammen

Dear Polyglots!

I am David and running since 2 years ago a podcast project in German and in Portuguese. It is about learning the secrets of those languages.

I am looking for new polyglots to get interviewed in German as well as in Portuguese. Let me know if you are interested and happy to be part of the conference!


Hi David,

I don’t speak Portuguese but I am a native Speaker of German. People say that I have a very standard pronounciation of the language. I am a lifelong language learner and I speak 9 languages on different levels. You are welcome to interview me in German!

Best wishes,


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Hi David, I’m not clear in whether you’re seeking people who speak either Portuguese or German or both Portuguese and German. If it’s the former, I’d love to be part of your project – like Jolien, I’m a native speaker of German; my full language list and levels are in my profile.

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