Help needed re-homing Russian-other language Dictionaries

Hello Polyglot friends, I’m hoping I might find some kind folks to take a bunch of my late ex-husband’s Russian-to-other-language dictionaries and mostly Russian books off my hands. He was quite the collector. He bought many of these in the 80’s.

The only thing I ask is for you to cover shipping.**
**Since shipping outside of the US is ridiculously expensive, this is probably best suited for folks who live in the lower 48 of the US, however if you are not put off by international shipping costs I’m open to talking. I would rather ship out a full box than individual books, but contact me if you can help take these off my hands.
You can contact me via instagram at @sadelleinvt or via email at

Russian - English,
Supplement to the New English-Russian Dictionary
Russian Language for Scientists (English/Russian)
a Russian-English Polytechnical Dictionary, and a similar one English-Russian
Russian-Punjab, Russian-Malayalam, Russian-Tamil, Russian-Kannada, Russian-Birman, Russian-Amharic,
A grammar book in Russian on Karelian,
English-Estonian, Russian-Finnish,
a Russian-Lithuanian-English technological terminology book (from 1971), 2 Latvian-English books, English-Latvian,
A number of Russian-only dictionaries including a Grammatical Dictionary of the Russian Language, Mathmatical Terminology in Russian
And …
a few more boxes of Russian grammar books and beginner’s books from many years ago