Help me please

Maybe I’m really stupid but I cannot figure out where the recordings of each of the talks is located. Please help! I’m missing out on so much!

They should all be in the Saturn Theater. Good luck!


I need technical help, because on Tuesday 01 December at 6:20 pm GMT I wanted to enter the Venus Room and received the following message:

“Dieses Meeting ist geplant für den 16.10.2020”.
= This meeting is scheduled for 16 OCT 2020.

I could not enter the Venus Room. Can somebody please fix that?

Hi Jolien! I think there’s a problem with the room. As a reminder, this room isn’t originally run by Richard, but I’ll send him an email and ask what could be the issue and I’ll ask how the tech team can fix that. :slight_smile:

Yes please, Miguel. Looking forward to the solution. I can imagine that Richard will have a good idea. Good luck!

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The problem is fixed. Zoom deleted the room for some reason. “Sabotage” as Gonzalo would say. Thanks to Richard and the tech team!


Many thanks to Richard and the tech team! :slight_smile: