Hello! I’m Mary!

Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Mary.
I grow up and live in Italy but I’m originally from China. As a natural bilingual I had many difficulties switching from two totally different culture, but as I get older I found how many opportunities it gives me.

I’ll be really happy to meet other people that like explore different languages and culture.


Hi! I’m from the U.S. I am bilingual but not naturally. I learned Spanish recently and I’m getting ready to start learning Ukrainian. I found your story about how you became bilingual and switched cultures interesting. I agree that it is very true that being part of multiple cultures is very useful.

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Hello Mary, herzlich willkommen, nice to meet you, I wanted to learn mandarin chinese but it was just really hard for me, I got stuck on the numbers and some greetings and expressions, parli l’italiano?

Hello Mary, I’m from Ecuador and I really enjoyed reading your story about your two cultures. Now, I want to learn German and explore this new world.
Nice to meet you.


Hi! For numbers you have to learn them by hard. Si, sono madre lingua italiana.

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Thank you! I’ll join you too in the future! German people are so nice, have a nice trip!

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Benvenuto / 欢迎 Mary

It is nice to have new people joining us and indeed you are welcome to this space which has provided me from good experiences too and the feeling of belonging to a wider community too.


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