Hello From the Philippines

Hello everyone. I am a retired American teacher living in the Philippines with my Filipina wife of 48 years.
I am comfortable speaking Tagalog but since we are in an area where the regional language is Cebuano, I am learning that also. I lived in Mexico when I was a kid, so I am comfortable speaking Spanish and I also am comfortable speaking Vietnamese, due to living in Vietnam a year.


Somehow I’m in love with the Phillipines. Nice to meet you!

Thank you. I’ve lived here about nine years now and still love it. Nice to meet you too.

Hello Kuya Bud! Nice to see you here, and hope to visit you sa Dumaguete soon! :blush:

Oh…so good to see you. Pag narinig ko ang “Kuya Bud” Isip ko “Ah sa familya na ako!” What a great feeling to be with a Kababayan here at the Conference. Just give me a holler if you’re ever in Dumaguete, I will welcome you with open arms. :grin:

Hello pakilenya welcome to the conference