Greetings from Colombia!

Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I’m new here. Right now I speak spanish (obviously haha), english, french and portuguese. I’m looking fordward to certificate portuguese next december and keep practicing french. I would love to meet people who is as in love as i am with languajes and literature. I receive every literature recommendation you would like to give me in those languages I mentioned before. So, yeah, hi!


Hi Maria! Welcome to the forum and the community! Since you like literature, have you seen our Book Club post? I believe that it would be of interest for you. :slight_smile:

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Yo estaba viendo un monton de videos de Columbia, y se parece muy hermosa.

As for literature recommendations, I am not currently reading anything other than beginner and low intermediate books in Russian or Italian, or how to prepare taxes in Spanish. :nerd_face:

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No, I haven’t seen it but I’ll go check it out right now. Thank you so much!!

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Hahaha I hope you can come visit someday! It is a beautiful country. If you ever have any book recommendation would be great! It could be also in English.

If you like biographies, I would recommend “Benjamin Franklin - an American Life”. He is one of the Founding Fathers of the US, and one of the most important figures in history. I consider him the grandfather of American culture.

Most of the books I’ve read recently all deal with money and finance, or accounting. Prior to that, I read the Game of Thrones series (A Song of Fire and Ice - not recommended unless your English is at a high level).

Que tipo de libros te gustan?

Hi Maria,
Nice to meet you here. I wonder if you have any recommendation for French?
Speak soon !

I mostly read novels and I love short stories :slight_smile:
Thanks for the recommendation!!

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I’ve actually havent read many books in french but one author that I really like is Guy de Maupassant. His short stories are awesome and I think that you can find some of them read by french natives on the internet and that’s great way to improve listening skills.

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Thank you very much. That’s very helpful already.

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Oi Maria! Que legal ver uma colombiana aqui! Eu amo a Colombia!
Sou Dafnes, brasileira, tenho vários livros para te recomendar em português! Faço parte de um clube de leitura chamado “Leia mulheres”. Com a pandemia está acontecendo online, lemos um livro por mês!
Se te interessa, pode procurar no instagram @leiamulheresmarilia


Obrigada pela resposta. Não tinha olhado o fórum desde outubro do ano passado mais agora voltei e agradeço muito sua recomendação, vou pesquisar o club!