Greek Resources for absolute beginner

Would really appreciate it , if anyone can point me to some online resources for Greek for absolute beginner.

Especially speaking.

Thanks in advance!

Hello. I’m also a beginner in Greek, about two months into learning. I’ve used a variety of resources and some have been better than others. Here is a quick summary:

YouTube - There are some great channels for learning Greek, even as an absolute beginner. I like Learn Greek with Zoi and Learn Greek with Lina.

LingQ - I use LingQ and it’s my preferred learning platform, especially for improving reading comprehension and vocabulary building. But LingQ’s absolute beginner materials are a little disorganized and have some technical issues.

Staellinika - a recently launched resource targeted for the Greek diaspora. Free and very well-organized. Currently aimed for younger learners, but I have benefitted very much from their content.

GreekPod101 - I resisted signing up with them for nearly two months, as I didn’t like their relentless marketing. But I went ahead and paid for the premium plan about a week ago and have to admit that the materials are high-quality and well organized. I’ve shifted most of my study time over to this platform now.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Thanks for the info! Will check out the YouTube channel first.

Really appreciate all the resources that you have recommended especially your sharing on each one of them.

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I learned of the Language Transfer courses from someone on this forum. Language Transfer does audio courses for speaking languages. The courses are targeted for complete beginners. Their format is similar to the Michel Thomas Method. LT offers multiple languages, including Greek. I haven’t tried the Greek course yet, but I tried two other languages and found them to be very helpful for beginners. In addition to their website, they also have apps for iOS and Android. LT is free, so it’s a risk-free option to try out.


Thanks for sharing this, Amanda. I listened to the first few lessons and they are fantastic!


thank you very much Amanda for that. will try it out asap

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Hi Amanda,

Just to give you some feedback on the Language Transfer course. I have managed to listen to 5 lessons so far and I tried talking to a fellow colleague in EMCC, where I volunteer, who is a Cypriot. She commented that my accent was spot on and I have managed to make full sentences in my maiden greek.

I have tried Michel Thomas for French before and I do see the difference. Can’t comment much yet on both the systems until I finish more lessons.

Thanks for the great recommendation.



Wow, that’s fantastic! I’m glad it was helpful.

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I didn’t plan to learn Greek this year or next but it looks like it might be worthwhile to try out LT at least for Greek, just by listening to it casually.