For those who love art

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I wanted to share a website, which displays multiple videos of a curator, talking about works of art. The video series is called Cocktails with a Curator and can be found at the bottom of the website.

I found it really nice, especially that we are not able to visit museums as much anymore during lockdown and other current restrictions.

Enjoy! @Feilin

Thank you @chouette22 for sharing this earlier today! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you Zeina! It is very thoughtful of you to share some art with us. I love the Frick collection.

It’s just a coincidence that I really want to watch one of these programs especially because one of my old teachers and a really amazing artist did some work with the Frick. Her work is really relevant to language lovers and immigrants. I think that you can get a really good idea about her work by looking at these materials online :slight_smile:


That’s great!! I will definitely check it out :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing!