Finnish / Suomi resources

Hello Language learning friends!

I’m asking everyone if they know any suggestions for materials in and about Finnish!
Especially resources with lots of audio! I have been doing vocabulary practice for 10 min a day for a few weeks on the phone app drops, and also sometimes I listen to beginning conversation podcasts on 喜马拉雅。

I prefer working with materials that are either solely in the language i.e. Podcasts, blogs etc. or if there is translation if it is in my other languages (Fr, Es, Pt, Zh, It, De, even Jp) and I tend to stay away from English learning resources because I like to spend as much time outside English-land as possible.

PS I am still studying Japanese. I just couldn’t wait to start basic Suomi!

PPS feel free to respond in my languages besides English if you speak them :wink:


当然有Teach Yourself, Colloquial, 和 Hippocrene


How the heck do you learn Finnish? Part 1 --> mentions a range of (non-English) Finnish textbooks as well.





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Hi Finnish learning friends! Is anyone who has at least a basic grasp of speaking interested in hosting some practice events at the conference or even a weekly scheduled meeting in the Venus room?

I have been practicing using the Speakly app and am an absolute beginner. Would love it if there was a group to practice with.

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PS due to lack of others to practice with, I am considering dropping it and picking up a more available language until I find speakers to practice with. o.o

Maybe I should try Hungarian instead?


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My Finnish is basic too, but yeah the Speakly app is great!

I think it’s particularly good for Finnish and Estonian, the other languages on there are all pretty common ones so there are probably better resources available for them, but the app itself is pretty slick.

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