Extinct / Minority languages

I like the idea of learning extinct / minority languages but I wonder what motivation you guys have to actually do it?
What I like about learning languages is to be able to speak with native speakers when I travel to the respective country and to speak with other natives (and non-natives!) online.

If I learn an extinct / minority language now, chances are quite low (or almost zero) to actually use that language regularly. That would be a big no-go for me because why learn a language that I won’t ever use? But then again, I just like the idea of learning a language that not a lot of people (or almost anybody) speaks.

I’d like to know how you learn extinct / minority languages. How do you decide which one to learn? Where do you find learning materials? How do you keep yourself motivated? And most importantly: How do you actually use the language after you reached a certain level?

Can’t wait to learn more :slight_smile:

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