Expolingua: International Fair for Language, Culture and Education: Online

In case you don’t know the Expolingua, it is a “International Fair for Language, Culture and Education”. Due to the pandemic they offer an online event this year (November 18 – 20, 2020).

If you are interested visit:

At the top of the website you are able to receive online Tickets for free.


Wow thank you, haven’t heard about it until now! :slight_smile:

Expolingua is a great event, I highly recommend it too!

There is also The Language Show live which will take place online (also totally free) the weekend before Expolingua from 13-15 November.

You can check it out here:



@Felix thanks for sharing this!

I went last year as it’s usually in Berlin. It was super cool

Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know about this! :slight_smile:

Thank you Felix! I will add that to my list :slight_smile:

I was wondering if both of these events were going to go on this year. I’m signing up.
Thanks a lot @Emily and @Felix ! :slight_smile:

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I have signed up in Expolingua, in this case talking about HYPIA.

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Hey @Felix,

I signed up for this event. Do you know what the next steps are? Do I wait for their confirmation and some sort of link to access the online event on time?

I found it a bit confusing that under the events page here -https://www.expolingua.com/EN/myexpo_calendar.php - we needed to individually register for the sessions offered. Is this what people normally do or did I misunderstand?


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Thank you @Felix and @Emily for sharing! I didn’t know about these 2 events until I came across this thread. Registered for both events already! :raised_hands:t2::grinning:


I think that for Expolingua, we receive the entry link a few days before the start of it. I don’t see the full program for it yet.

Hi @Zeina-AR-DE-FR-EN,

I’m not 100% sure as I’m going to attend the event for the first time as well. After I registered for the event I received a confirmation e-mail stating that I will obtain login information for the event shortly.

The link you provided shows a general overview of all events offered throughout the year and are somewhat separate from the fair itself. Atleast that’s my understanding of it.

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Ok thank you! I guess I will just wait for the event to begin then.


thanks for sharing :smiley: