European Portuguese resources

I’ve started learning European Portuguese recently, but I’ve had a hard time funding resources for it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Welcome to the club!
Yes, it’s not at all easy to find resources for European Portuguese. I used the website

They have podcasts and short dialogs as well as some lessons. You have to pay for some of their content but you can listen to the podcasts and shorties for free. They also have a YouTube Channel. Here is their YouTube channel and a couple of other channels that are quite good for European Portuguese:

Portuguese Lab also has a website to learn Portuguese. But you have to pay for it. Although I believe there is some content you can download as well and the YouTube channel has dialogs and other information for all levels.

Other than that I also used Assimil e-method quite a bit. It’s basically like their books but in a digital format. I liked Assimil a lot at the beginning but eventually got tired of it and started using other materials without finishing Assimil completely. I believe this one is only available with French explanations though, so it may not be useful unless you already speak French.
I believe the Teach Yourself series, however, also offers European Portuguese. So, that may be a good option if you are looking for a textbook with audio.

Once you are a bit more advanced you can also watch Portuguese TV here:

They don’t usually have subtitles but there are a few shows that do.

Good luck with your Portuguese.