Earth Exchange Portuguese missing

Does anyone else have their Portuguese language option missing in the Earth Exchange? I wanted to join tonight’s chat in Portuguese but the language is not showing. image|690x420

I think it’s been recategorised. I went to the “romance” room earlier and everybody in there was speaking Portuguese.

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Yes, I’ve found them in the end. :sweat_smile:

Black hole :rofl: Just enter every planet and hope for the best. I hope you’ll find it. :blush::v:t2:

Hi Alma!

The Portuguese meetings are going to be in the Romance Room from now on. Richard edited the setup on Sunday. I’ll host more meetings. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Miguel. Fortunately, I was able to locate it in time. :blush: I’ve seen there’s more coming up, I look forward to it. :blush:


There will be more meetings in various other languages that you can speak. Haha

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I can say with confidence that many of us have been surviving on three hours sleep these past days due to so many varied language practice opportunities. It’s absolutely addictive.


Hi I don’t find any possibility to practice portuguese in this romance meeting room. Let me know if there is some group of interested people !

Many of the rooms I’ve tried entering zoom acts like I’m the first or only one there. Maybe it’s my time zone misunderstandings… I’m here in California