Daylight Saving Time - for everyone :)

Hi everyone!

This is a kind reminder that some time zones have observed DST (Daylight Saving Time), which might or might not affect your availability for one or more of your meetups here - depending on your individual time zone.

I think it would be productive if we would inform our groups of these time changes - if any, to avoid having group members show up at different times for the same scheduled meetup.

Let me know if any of you will not be able to make it to either our usual Arabic, German, and Karaoke meetups as a result of time changes. :slight_smile:

Have a blessed Sunday!


Hi @Zeina-AR-DE-FR-EN,

This topic of time changes is very important for our Venus Room meetings, as we in Europe still have “Winter Time” for another two weeks, whereas the Americas already have changed to Daylight Saving Time today on the 14th of March 2021.

Kind regards,



I suppose I will try to align my schedule with GMT and see where the meetings fall. This is a good reminder to double check the times


Thank you @Jolien for the update.

I think @PinAngel 's suggestion is very valid. I, too, will refer back to the GMT schedule and re-calculate the time difference from there.

Let’s post here if anyone has trouble keeping their original schedule. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: